What’s Next? The Communication Plan of Action for President Esteban’s Departure

Lisa Demytrk and Megan Miller


Campaign Statement: Ensure understanding and acceptance of President Esteban’s move to DePaul University.

Publics: SHU Students, SHU community, DePaul community, Academic community

SHU Students Goal: Communicate the situation clearly and open lines for feedback and concerns.

SHU Community Goal:  Communicate transitional plans in order to reassure the publics and solidify their trust in the university.

DePaul Community Goal: Highlight Esteban’s accomplishments at SHU in order to confirm their decision.

Academic Community Goal: Inform the community of the news in hopes of getting positive feedback and possible suggestions.

Social Media Elements

Twitter: 1) SHU students, 2) academic community

Facebook: 1) SHU community, 2) DePaul Community

Blog Posts: 1) academic community, 2) SHU Community


1) President A. Gabriel Esteban will join the Blue Demons at DePaul University as the next president. (link to article).

2) President A. Gabriel Esteban will be DePaul U’s next president. Here’s a look at his time at SHU. (link to article).


1) President A. Gabriel Esteban will be leaving Seton Hall University to become the next president of DePaul University in July of 2017. The search for the next president of Seton Hall will begin in the near future. For more information please visit (link).

2) DePaul University warmly welcomes A. Gabriel Esteban as their next president. President Esteban has created growth within the Seton Hall community, and we have no doubts he will continue to do great things at DePaul.

Blog Posts:

1) Academic Community

Author: Robert Kelchen, PhD.

Title: Esteban’s Lasting Legacy

Theme: Highlight Esteban’s accomplishments here at Seton Hall. Analyze the numbers and rankings in detail to describe his everlasting influence on the university.

2) SHU Community

Author: President A. Gabriel Esteban

Title: Thank You.

Theme: Express his gratitude for his time at Seton Hall and explain his reasons for leaving.


Live Tweet:

“DePaul will be releasing a live video discussing A. Gabriel Esteban’s appointment as their new university president. Tune in here: link”

“William E. Bennett and A. Gabriel Esteban sit down to discuss the transition.”

“I was attracted primarily because of the mission of DePaul University” says Esteban in his sit down will Bennett.

“…tell us about the path that led you here to DePaul?” asks Bennett. Listen to Esteban’s answer here: link”

“As a leader I am someone who you will hopefully enjoy working for, someone who will listen and make decisions.” – President Esteban


Potential Issues:

  1. Not hearing the news from Esteban himself may come off as inauthentic.
    1. University response: President Esteban has been greatly involved in this whole process, and deeply cares about the SHU community.
  2. Seton Hall should be the first one to break the news, not DePaul.
    1. University Response: We cannot control the media of other universities. We wanted to make sure we were giving the most accurate information possible before the announcement.
  3. The university should make it known that they are open to feedback.
    1. University Response: The university is always open to feedback via our website and social media.
  4. The school should address any rumors about potential future presidents.
    1. University Response: Please refer to our website for any updates, as that will be the first place they appear.
  5. The reasoning for Esteban’s departure would be appreciated by the community.
    1. University Response: To learn more about President Esteban’s departure, please refer to this article.


Virtual Event:

We will hold a live chat on Twitter, using the hashtag #SHUNextSteps. During the discussion we will ask for feedback and questions regarding President Esteban’s departure from Seton Hall.



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