Seton Hall Announces Departure of President Esteban

On Thursday, Feb. 16, Seton Hall University announced that President Esteban would be leaving the school to become the next President of DePaul University in Chicago.

Some students seemed very upset by this, Esteban was a generally well-liked president. However, some students (including myself) were upset about how the university handled this news, among other things.

Our social media class used the hashtag, #SHUTransition, to participate in a live twitter chat over the weekend. It was an interesting experience, as I had never participated in one before, even though I have been using Twitter for years.

First, I talked about the timeliness of SHU’s response.

Then I addressed the Christie rumors and followed that tweet up with two more tweets explaining my position.

Lastly, I talked about whether or not SHU’s lack of verification on Instagram had anything to do with them not using Instagram to publish the news.

Two tweets from my classmates that I liked were from Nicholas Mariano and Olivia Lason. I chose Nicholas’ tweet because I liked how he actually posed a solution to the problem he thought was there. He critiqued the school, but at the same time offered help. I chose Olivia’s tweet because I thought it was an interesting observation that I had not noticed myself.


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