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Opportunities for Seton Hall University

Dr. A. Gabriel Esteban,

It has come to my attention that Seton Hall is struggling to establish itself as a valid source of academic critique. We have many professors here who are brilliant and would benefit the academic world with their knowledge and expertise. One way I believe we can build recognition of our academic success is through a university blog.

A blog is a regularly updated website, with the newest posts at the top of the page. It has a headline and a body like a regular news article, and often contains pictures, graphics, and external links. Also, most good blogs have an avenue for reader feedback, like a comment section.

Not only will this blog be a vehicle for academic success, it can also become a valuable public relations tool. Blogging is a very personal form of communication. Bloggers usually write the content similarly to how they would speak it. By doing this, they are establishing a personality within their writing. This puts a virtual face with an otherwise faceless organization and gives readers the belief that the blogger is a regular person, just like them. A blog is also a means to getting more media attention. Journalists will read our blog for themselves and see its value and newsworthiness. Also, if there ever happens to be a crisis, our blog is where we can reach people on a personal level and work through the problem with them.

Blogging is also a great way to facilitate two-way communication with readers. On each post, we can have a section where readers can leave comments. Readers can state their opinions or even supply additional information on the blogged subject, adding value to the blog post itself. When readers and writers can interact like this, it facilitates immeasurable growth on behalf of both parties.

Dr. Esteban, you are the leader of our institution. In every situation, good or bad, you are on the front lines because of your enormous responsibility for the school. Your personal reputation matters just as much as the university’s, because they essentially go hand in hand. This blog would be tremendously helpful for you to build your personal brand, and in turn, lend credibility to the university. For your use of the blog to be successful, your focus should be on your content and your audience. It would be great for you to share your thoughts on different current events and issues. However, it might also be great for you to share more personal posts like “A Day in the Life of a University President.” Or something like “How I Handle the Stresses and Challenges of My Job.” Everyone has stresses in their lives and by addressing yours, you instantly become more relatable to all of your readers. After establishing this rapport with your readers, your viewer base will grow tremendously, and along with that your success and credibility.

An important factor to keep in mind in creating this university blog is the audience. The blog must cater to a specific audience in order to garner immediate success. In this case, I believe the target audience should be Seton Hall alumni. Many SHU alumni have reached successful positions in top industries around the country. By targeting the professionals who already have a fond inclination towards Seton Hall, we will increase our chances of gaining exposure across all industry boundaries.

If you would like to see some university blogs in action, two great ones to look at are Arcadia University and Princeton. Both school’s blogs are updated regularly and have huge followings.

For more information here is an informational video on creating a blog.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to me and I hope you find my suggestions helpful.


Lisa Demytrk


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